Having My Condo Painted


The next week is going to be very busy for me, as I have a lot going on. The beginning of the week, I am having my new condo repainted, walls and ceilings. I went with a Silver Saliva for my living room, hallways, and kitchen. The bathroom will be a storm gray and my master bedroom will be painted Honest Blue. I did some color sampling and these turned out to be the best colors for my condo.

I am going to have Brothers Colors Painting, do all the painting in the condo, since they were recommend by my brother, who said they are the best South Bend painters. They are also going to remove all the trim from the place, since I want it replaced. I am excited for the finished project when everything is completed.

The next thing I will have done as soon as the painters are gone is have my carpet replaced, with a new one in the whole condo. The carpet was pretty bad and needed to be replaced so that will be all done before I move all my stuff in on Thursday. The color carpet I am going to get is a grayish color, since white gets dirty pretty quickly.

Once everything is finished, I will try to take some photos for you all to see. I think it will look great and can’t wait for it to be finished.